Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have heard stem cells are promising, but they don’t really work. Is this true?

A: Adult stem cells have been effectively used as standard medical care in the treatment of leukemia and other disorders for more than forty years.

The benefits of adult stem cell therapy have been extensively documented in the medical literature.

For a clear, easy-to-read introduction to the powerful healing ability of adult stem cells, you can purchase the Healing Cell (From Amazon), by clicking here.

If you want to delve into something more technical, you can read the well documented handbook: Stroke Recovery with Cellular Therapies, (Humana Press, New Jersey, 2008) edited by Sean I. Savitz, MD, Daniel M. Rosenbaum, MD. In it, leading neurologists have written:

We have demonstrated a significant improvement in functional outcome after stroke with BMSC (bone marrow stem cell) treatment. BMSC therapy can enhance the endogenous restorative mechanisms [i.e., the body’s own natural healing processes] of the injured brain, assisting in a return to a “developmental” state [the brain starts developing again] and supporting the process of angiogenesis [new blood vessel formation], gliogenesis [formation of cells which support and protect neurons], neurogenesis [formation of new neurons] and ultimately neural reorganization [new neurons replace damaged ones and start functioning anew].

It is anticipated that cellular therapy, in combination with standard rehabilitation therapy, can improve functional outcomes [the brain will function better] following CNS [central nervous system] diseases.

We encourage people with an interest in learning more about how adult stem cells can heal an injured brain to obtain a copy of Stroke Recovery with Cellular Therapies, (Humana Press, New Jersey, 2008) edited by Sean I. Savitz, MD, Daniel M. Rosenbaum, MD. This compact handbook clearly documents that adult autologous stem cell therapy is sound science as well as a valid and effective form of regenerative medicine. The use of adult stem cells should be in the forefront of therapies to heal brain injuries and disease and other conditions.

Moreover, the efficacy of adult stem cell therapy is not merely a matter of findings in textbooks. At Regen Center, we have seen firsthand how a person’s own adult stem cells can improve a variety of serious neurological and other conditions.

Q: I’ve heard stem cells can have dangerous side effects. Do they?

A: This can be true for stem cells derived from aborted infants and test tube babies derived from IVF. When taken out of their natural environment, so-called embryonic stem cells can run wild and produce tumors and worsening of a condition.

Autologous adult stem cells derived from a person’s own body are all natural, safe and do not have the risk of rejection.

At RegenCenter we only use adult stem cells derived from a person’s own body called autologous cells .

Q: Why do you use two types of autologous stem cells?

A: Whenever possible, both types of adult stem cells are used because each one has their own unique characteristics including growth factors, which reduce inflammation and promote healing. Each source of stem cells contain a combination of natural healing agents. Our goal is to provide maximum positive impact on each person’s condition.

Q: Are the procedures done in a clinic?

A: No, they are done in a private, multi-specialty hospital and performed by experienced medical specialists.

Q: Are the adult stem cell procedures painful?

A: The procedures are done in a standard operating room under intravenous anesthesia in which there is virtually no discomfort involved.

Q: Are the procedures invasive?

A: There is no surgery involved. Adipose tissue (60-150cc) is gently removed by an experienced plastic surgeon using a syringe. The bone marrow is also gently extracted from the hip using a syringe.

Q: What is the cost involved?

A: The cost has been kept as low as possible in order to make the procedures as affordable as possible for those who need them. Free lodging in a resort style hotel for three nights is included to help keep costs down for the patient.

There are different methods of performing the infusions depending on the patient’s needs. After filling out and submitting the preliminary evaluation form our medical specialists will be able to determine the best option for doing the procedure. You will then be provided with concise cost options for doing the procedure.

Depending on the condition, the stem cells can be returned to the patient intravenously, or by direct infusion to the affected organ.

Q: I am concerned about traveling internationally when I don’t speak the language and so forth.

A: Not to worry, people with disabilities are given the red carpet treatment when they arrive at the international airport. If you are using a wheelchair, you will be whisked through customs and warmly greeted by our caring English speaking staff. They will accompany you and help you check in at a lovely resort style hotel with English speaking staff. The people are friendly, the food is great and the doctors at the hospital are English speaking. You have 24 hour access to our staff the entire time you are in the Dominican Republic. You will have a great positive experience.

Q: What is “Liberation Therapy“?

A: Liberation Therapy refers to the procedure developed by the Italian researcher, Dr. Paolo Zamboni. Dr. Zamboni did extensive research in order to find a cure for his wife, a victim of MS who was rapidly going downhill from the disease.

While she was undergoing tests, he noticed that there was a narrowing of the jugular vein known as stenosis. She then underwent a simple classic procedure known as a balloon angioplasty. This procedure has been safely used for decades to treat constricted arteries leading to the heart.

A small balloon is gently inserted through the femoral artery in the groin up into the narrowed section (stenosis) of the jugular vein. The balloon is then inflated and the vein opens up to its normal size. This permits blood to flow normally. Dr. Zamboli found that immediately after the proceduere, his wife’s MS symptoms were dramatically improved. In subsequent studies of dozens of MS patients, he found narrowing of the jugular vein in virtually all of them. Some also had stenosis in the azygos vein, which runs along the spinal column. He found that by performing a simple balloon angioplasty, their symptoms were also dramatically improved.

Dr. Zamboli labeled the condition experienced by MS sufferers: Chronic Cerebro Spinal Vascular Insufficiency (CCSVI). In short, what that means is the brain is chronically not getting enough blood and this insufficient blood flow produces the lesions in the brain and spinal cord which interfere with the body’s ability to control various functions.

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