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US & Canada- 305.396.6719
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Free Resort Hotel Stay

Free Hotel Stay For Three Nights

All patients are met at the modern international airport by our caring bi-lingual, English speaking staff and personally escorted to a highly secure, lovely, resort style hotel. The stay for three nights for one patient and one caregiver is FREE and includes a huge buffet-style breakfast.

The food is great, the drinking water is pure, the pools sparkling. The bi-lingual, hotel staff is warm, friendly and accustomed to providing for the personal and dietary needs of our special patients.

Staff Available 24hrs/Day

From the moment of your arrival to the moment of your departure, our staff is available to speak with you, should you have any requirements, questions or concerns. People with serious health needs can have issues arise unexpectedly. telephoneTherefore, we make certain they are able to reach us, any time day or night during the duration of their stay.

Free Consultation Available

If you have already investigated or tried the standard treatments available for your condition and wish to look into what innovative adult stem cell therapies or Liberation Therapy Plus ® may have to offer, please feel free to call us at (800) 563-1732/ (305) 396-6719 (Florida time). Or, you can simply fill out the appointment request form on this page and a member of our staff will get back to you shortly.