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The autologous adult stem cell procedures described herein are performed the same day same, in the same medical facility, using only the person’s own stem cells and do not involve cultivation, expansion or manipulation of cells. Procedures are performed outside the United States.

The adult stem cell procedures performed are unproven experimental procedures which are not approved by the FDA. Examples and testimonials of patients refer to their personal experience only and do not imply or suggest that others will achieve the same or similar results, if any.

No promise or guarantee of results is expressed or implied. Persons with serious medical conditions should always consult their own professional medical advisor prior to receiving an infusion of their own adult stem cells. Autologous stem cell procedures should only be used as a last resort after thoroughly investigating and pursuing usual and customary medical treatment. Stem Cell Treatments are not a cure for any condition, disease or injury, nor a substitute for proper medical diagnosis and care. The information contained on this site should not be considered medical advice. It is intended to be used for educational and information purposes only.