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Autism and Stem Cells

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"How Stem Cells Can Heal Autism -Dr. Gene Anthony"

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What our patients are saying. . .



Umbilical cord stem cell therapy for autism is helping my child. About two weeks ago, my son started to wipe himself. He has never done that himself even with prompts, he would just refuse to even try it. He also communicates now more his needs and thoughts, e.g. at the playground he told me that he needs to stay in the shade because it was getting too hot (he has never done that before!). Also he usually wouldn't even notice when it got too hot for him and I had to check on him and keep him in the shade if necessary. In the past he couldn't even tell me at the playground that he has to use the bathroom and I always had to carefully observe him to see whether he needs to go. Two ABA therapists have noticed an improvement in his interaction, behavior and communication skills. I hope we'll be able to come again next year for treatment. Actually the boys keep telling me that they want to go to the DR again for vacation!

- Lorraine, mother of a ten year old ASD son


Our son started calming down almost immediately. We now see almost no stimming and much better eye contact. His personality is unfolding daily like a flower before our eyes. He just sent a coherent txt message for the first time in his life--before it was just autistic gibberish. Getting his own stem cells for autism at Regen Center was the best decision we ever made.

- Robert and Teresa S. , Toronto, - grateful parents of an 11 year old recovering from ASD.


I wanted to get back to you on the changes in my autistic son, age 19 after getting a double transplant of his own stem cells. He is more flexible, and less obsessive/compulsive. He is able to participate more independently in group outdoor activities. For example, he always ate from the same bowl. Today, he picked up a new bowl because the other one was in the washer. I am noticing some of those rigidities reducing. His mood is also more even I highly recommend other parents look into this option.

- Priya R, mother of 19 year old autistic son

Stem Cells for Autism Worked Wonders

Stem cell treatment for my child's autism worked wonders. You are in good hands with the folks at Regen Center! My son used to be violent and very aggressive, when we first did his stem cells with them in 2010, the following day, those were gone. And they have been gone since then. We did another round with them in 2013 and we continued to see cognitive and language gains. You'll be safe at the hospital and hotel.

Good luck, I highly recommend you try doing the stem cells for your child!
- Mary S.

Stem Cells for Severe Autism Transformed my Daughter

My daughter went for stem cells in the DR. First day noticed calm eyes. The anxiety part of autism was almost gone. Got better as time went on. Its been about 5 years ago. She is able to drive a car. Work a job. She's a CNA--she takes care of elderly people. Nobody knows she has autism. A little history: She has been on the GFCF grain free sugar free diet. A regimen of supplements. She was severly autistic at one time. She had absolutely no comprehension; she bit and hit herself and others and kicked. Her favorite activity was shredding her clothes and paper.

Also we did a lot of prayers and believing in what some call impossible.
- Nancy G.

Stem Cell Therapy is a Great Alternative Treatment for Autism

My ten year old son was severely autistic. He had violent emotional meltdowns, was self-injurious and getting imposible to handle. After the infusion with his own stem cells, he is like a new kid, calm and well behaved. His teachers called and asked, What in the world did you do for him—he's so much better?!" I thank God this treatment was available and at such a reasonable cost. - Jennifer L.


Stem Cells for Severe Autism Were Amazing

We went twice for the double stem cell transplant, our son was 9 at the time and the first time the results were amazing, he is nonverbal and severe autism, he would self injure constantly and had GI issues, it healed his stomach and he rarely self injures now. The second time he is now fully potty trained on his own after we tried so many times. I would try it if I were you, if it doesn't work then you know, but what if it does? You just have to go on faith because it is scary when you don't know what to expect, but they are very kind and they will keep you updated the whole time on everything. Also the hotel will offer some foods that are for special diets. - Claudia, mother of ASD child

Autism is a devastating disorder which has been linked by various authorities to vaccine injury, heavy metals, food and environmental allergies and other as yet unrecognized causes.

At RegenCenter, we have found that young people and adults with autism often respond positively to adult stem cell therapy.




How Adult Stem Cells Can Heal Autism - Dr Gene Anthony

Parents of autistic children have reported such gains as:
  • Anger control
  • Reduced stimming
  • A great reduction in self-injurious behaviors
  • Reduction in bizarre behaviors
  • Bladder and bowel awareness and control
  • Easing of obsessive compulsive behaviors
  • Normal appetite control
  • Less picky eating
  • Increased sociability
  • New self-awareness
autism-img1 The key word we often hear from parents is that the child or adolescent has more “presence.” I.e., instead of being locked in their own little far away world with a faraway stare, they are “with you” and able to make contact with other people.

Most parents who bring their autistic children to RegenCenter do so after having tried HBOT, DMG, bio-medical therapy, chelation, food allergy reduction, anti-fungals, anti-psychotic meds, and a slew of other treatments. They may or may not have seen gains using these treatments.

Some children who have come to our center manifest the most extreme symptoms of autism. For them, any reduction in incessant stimming and self-injurious behaviors comes as a huge relief. They become more livable with and may even be able to accompany their parents outside the house shopping and on family outings.

For autistic children who are high functioning but still lack certain skills that prevent them from integrating socially, receiving an infusion of their stem cells may push them over the top so that they can function normally. We had one girl who was quite severely autistic, get her driver’s license after the infusion. Her mother wrote us, “Never in my life would I have believed my daughter would be able to drive much less get her driver’s license! I thank God for what you are doing.”

We are not suggesting that adult stem cell therapy is a cure for autism, nor can we promise or guarantee results.

However, we have seen enough positive changes in many children with this disorder after getting an infusion of their own stem cells so as to recommend giving it a try. As one dad said, “Even if it had not worked, I wanted to be able to say, at least I tried everything to help my child.” As it turns out, his high functioning son made a remarkable recovery after his infusion.
autism-img2 We also offer a comprehensive test for food allergies, yeast overgrowth and intestinal integrity. The blood sample is drawn while the child is under anesthesia so as to make the draw as easy as possible. The sample is the shipped to an established testing center in the US.

Parents need not worry about their children not being cooperative or acting out at the hospital. Our medical and nursing staff are kind, caring and have abundant experience in handling the most difficult of cases in a loving and effective manner.

One of our staff has a child with serious neurological issues, so we are highly empathetic with parents who deal with this and other severe disorders.

To see how your child might qualify to receive an infusion of their own stem cells, simply complete the free phone consultation request form at the top of the page and one of our caring patient care representatives will contact you shortly. You may also contact us by clicking here.

autism-img2 My son got umbilical stem cells for his autism as well as adipose and bone marrow SCs and has had great gains. He is now fully able to use the bathroom by himself. His hyperactivity is practically gone. The other day he called me to look at something outside which he has never done. His ABA therapists report improvements in cognition, behavior and comprehension.