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As people reach their fifties, sixties and seventies, the tell-tale effects of the aging process begin to take their toll. Aches and pains, lack of energy and motivation, low mood, memory loss, lack of libido amidst other symptoms can rob people of what ought to be the most productive years of their life. It seems that just as you finally get a grip on what life is all about, the aging process robs you of your ability to unleash all your experience, talents and abilities to serve others and enjoy yourself.

Turn Back The Clock 20 Years

anti-aging-img1 An infusion of your own repair stem cells along with our cutting edge holistic protocol for total rejuvenation could help turn back the clock of Father Time twenty years and enable you to be dramatically more productive and enjoy a fabulous new quality of life. According to a recent study, autologous stem cells can also help prevent the development of Alzheimer’s and other age related conditions.

Our unique and powerful combination of autologous stem cells and anti-aging holistic protocol can act like a fountain of youth. Older adults, both male and female, who have undergone the stem cell infusion report:

  • Relief from aches and pains
  • Dramatic boost in energy level
  • Delightful boost in libido and sexual prowess and activity (men and women)
  • End of erectile dysfunction (men)
  • Weight loss to normal level
  • End of flabbiness
  • Powerful increase in motivation to work, stop procrastinating do new projects
  • End of morning blues, irritability, moping, weepiness, moodiness, old age grouchiness and gloominess
  • Dramatic increase in desire and ability to do physical exercise
  • Dynamic youthful appearance full of life, energy and vitality

To give you a few examples of older patients who have experienced the new lease on life that adult stem cells and our holistic rejuvenation protocol can provide:

A 58 year old man who had almost stopped exercising now does brisk power walks 2-3 miles per day and intense weight training 5 times per week. His married intimate life which had been in the doldrums has returned to newlywed levels. His younger wife had the procedure and protocol in order to keep up with him.

anti-aging-img3A sixty-seven-year-old former martial expert who had given up the sport now does intense daily workouts and is participating in and winning international karate championships. His wife also had the infusion. She looks and feels twenty years younger than before. Upon seeing her new youthful appearance, some people were stunned—they thought her karate champion husband had gotten married again. She does intense workouts three times a week and has the body any woman in her twenties would be proud of.

A strapping sixty-five-year-old who was fifty pounds overweight and scheduled for expensive and painful knee replacement surgery lost all his extra weight within three months and has the lean body of a twenty year old including “six pack abs“. His knee is so totally improved he is running ten miles a day and squatting 500 pounds at the gym.

anti-aging-img2A seventy-year-old man who was limping with a painful damaged meniscus in his knee as well as suffering from impotence, now has no pain and can walk normally. His ED is a thing of the past, “Never worked better,” he exclaimed with a happy smile. His wife of fifty plus years looks like a new bride. She also had the procedure and works out at the gym several times per week.

The common comment we hear from people who have undergone the SC infusion and are using our rejuvenation protocol is that their friends take one look them and exclaim, “Wow, you look so much younger! What did you do?!”

All in all, anyone over 45 who is feeling things “slipping away” may benefit from an infusion of their own stem cells and our powerful holistic protocol. We also offer a complete low cost executive health panel including blood analysis, sonograms and other tests deemed necessary.

Adult Stem Cells And Facial Rejuvenation

If you want to acquire a young-looking new face to keep up with your renewed body and youthful zest, our highly trained and experienced plastic surgeon can enable you to look years younger virtually overnight using your own fat, platelet rich plasma or other procedures at a fraction of the cost elsewhere. You will find yourself (and others) delighting in your new youthful appearance.

Our caring staff is happy to speak with you and answer any questions or concerns you might have. Simply complete the free phone consultation request form at the top of the page and one of our caring patient care representatives will contact you shortly. You may also contact us by clicking here.