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About Adult Stem Cells

Experiments using stem cells derived from bone marrow bone marrow have already shown potential in models of stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and Parkinson’s disease.

"Adipose tissue [fat] is a rich source of stem cells." - Stroke Recovery with Cellular Therapies, (Humana Press, New Jersey, 2008) Edited by Sean I. Savitz, MD, Daniel M. Rosenbaum, MD

You can now obtain a safe, powerful infusion of adult stem cells derived from your own adipose tissue and bone marrow. Your stem cells can help bring about major improvements in quality of life that afford relief for a variety of chronic conditions.

At Regen Center, adult repair stem cells are being used to heal and improve a variety of conditions such as autism, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, COPD, dementia, diabetes, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, stroke, traumatic brain injury, stroke and others. They are also used for anti-aging and cosmetic purposes

What our patients are saying. . .

testimonial-bg4 “My son Andres had adipose/bone marrow SCs in the DR on Feb 14th of this year. We have since seen steady positive improvements in his overall language and cognition.

Three days ago he was showing me his cell with my ugly picture and he told me he showed it to “Tata” (his grandmother). I told him that he was not supposed to show the ugly pictures, that they were private (I really don’t care it’s just a game) and he responded. “No papi, you said I could not TEXT the pictures, not that I could not SHOW them”. He was right! I was very pleased and told him he was absolutely right. It sounds ridiculous but this is pretty hard stuff, he is reasoning much, much better. He also is putting his words together so much better than before.

Anyway, here is the best part of the day and I think it is truly incredible. This is fairly complicated to explain so bear with me, We have two identical ceiling fans in my room and they both have lights. They turn on with wall switches and with remotes but without turning on the wall switch you have no power to the fan so the remotes won’t work unless you turn on the wall switch first. A long time ago I lost one remote so I programmed both fans with just one remote. Problem is they both turn off and on at the same time but we never use one of them so we just leave the wall switch off. I have an inversion table for my bad back and I was on it trying to read a book at the same time so I turned on the fan we never use for the light. Andres was laying in my bed with the other fan on over the bed. He turns off the light only with the remote but both fans lights go out (remember both fans have only one remote) so I tell him to turn them back on because I wanted to read. He said “Oh, I know.” He turned the lights back on with the remote, turned his wall switch off, then turned my light back off with the remote, his light switch back on and (at this point both fans are on but my fans light is off and his is on) then hit the light button on the remote (his light turned off and mine turned on which is how he and I both wanted them).

He did this ON HIS OWN!! I did not even THINK of telling him because I was SURE he would not understand. I was soooo wrong. I could not believe it. I STILL can’t believe it. The whole fan thing is VERY VERY hard thinking. It’s even hard for me to explain it. Basically he worked around the whole switch remote thing so both fans would be on but both lights would not.

Keep in mind, this is a child who suffered a pretty heavy brain injury at 7 years of age(he is almost 12 now), who did not know his family, his friends or his house, could not count, could not read, still has uncontrolled seizures even with multiple medications, had no social skills and still has no friends whatsoever. Lost more than 3/4th of his vocabulary. Lost much of his cognitive skills, memory, lost understanding, has scar tissue due to the brain swelling.

He has come so far..

I personally think this is one of his biggest steps. It’s wonderful to see.

If I were to die tomorrow, I would be at peace. I’ve done everything in my power to help my son.

Not that I plan on dying anytime soon but… you know what I mean.

Best Wishes!!

- Orlando

Autologous Stem Cells Are Safe And Powerful

Stem cells from your own body, called autologous cells, are entirely safe, do not run the risk of rejection and have no ethical issues involved in their use. In fact, after consulting with leading scientists from across the world, the head of the Roman Catholic Church recently affirmed:

The potential benefits of adult stem cell research are considerable, since it opens up possibilities for healing chronic degenerative illnesses by repairing damaged tissue and restoring its capacity for regeneration.

The improvement that such therapies promise would constitute a significant step forward in medical science, bringing fresh hope to sufferers and their families alike.
--Pope Benedict XVI

The Healing Cell, How the Greatest Revolution in Medical History Is Changing Your Life

Adult stem cells derived from bone marrow and adipose tissue have a natural ability to heal and restore damaged areas of the body. However, until they are removed and reinfused back into the body, they remain locked inside these tissues, unable to perform the healing they are designed to do.

Maximum Healing Impact

At Regen Center, we use a powerful combination of stem cells and all natural growth factors derived from a person’s own bone marrow and fat in order to achieve maximum healing impact.

Each source of stem cells provides their own unique set of what are called, “growth factors.” It is not only the stem cells which provide healing but a variety of growth factors contained in the bone marrow or fat which have an extraordinary healing effect.

Growth Factors Promote Healing

These growth factors are vital in healing and regenerating damaged tissue. They help reduce inflammation, promote formation of new blood vessels and growth of new tissue and can actually renew damaged areas of the brain and other organs. Therefore, whenever possible, we try to use stem cells and growth factors derived from both both bone marrow and fat. Each source has its own unique cocktail of stem cells and growth factors which promote healing.

Adult Stem Cells Are Powerful And Effective

Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Selectively target damaged tissue, promote neurological functional recovery and remodel brain architecture.

Adult stem cells derived from your own body have the capacity to reduce inflammation and transform themselves into cells in organs of the body which have been damaged through injury, disease and the aging process.

How Stem Cells Know Where To Go

Stem cells possess what is called homing ability. Inflamed and damaged areas in the body give off special SOS signals called cytokines. When your stem cells are re-infused into your body, they are drawn like a magnet by these help signals to home in on and begin healing the tissues in need of repair.

Radioactive Tagging Shows How Stem Cells Work

The following images taken from patient studies illustrate the way adult stem cells home in on damaged areas

To find out how you or a loved one might benefit from an infusion of your own stem cells, simply complete the free phone consultation request form at the top of the page and one of our caring patient care representatives will contact you shortly. You may also contact us by clicking here.